Bob's Red Mill Organic Buckwheat Flour 有機蕎麥,全穀物 22oz



Bob's Red Mill Organic Buckwheat Flour 有機蕎麥,全穀物 22oz Net Weight 624g (22oz) An Employee-Owned Company USDA Organic Grains-of-Discovery Gluten Free Non GMO Project Verified Circa | 6000 B.C The Traditional Grain of Eastern Europe Mainstay of Eastern European Cuisine With a Robust Flavor Great In Grain Bowls, Soups and Cereal Quick Cooking and Gluten Free Certified Organic by QAI Organic Buckwheat Flour is made from 100% whole grain buckwheat groats. Despite the name, buckwheat isn’t related to wheat and is naturally gluten free (note: this is not processed in our gluten free facility)! Use buckwheat flour for making delicious buckwheat pancakes, soba noodles, blini, and as a replacement for wheat flour in baked goods. Buckwheat flour is a good source of dietary fiber and contains essential amino acids. The buckwheat plant is actually a pseudocereal, not a grain. The pyramid-shaped raw buckwheat kernels are harvested and ground into a surprisingly rich flour. Unlike light buckwheat flour, our flour contains little black specks that come from the ground seed hull. Buckwheat flour is a must-have for making traditional Russian blini or buckwheat crepes. It has a unique, assertive flavor that is especially great in both quick and yeast breads. In wheat bread, use half buckwheat flour to add a rich, nutlike flavor and darker color. Recipe: Buckwheat Souffle Pancakes Salted Chocolate & Banana Buckwheat Scones

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