EMBORG Red Cheddar Shredded 丹麥紫堡車打碎芝士200g



EMBORG Red Cheddar Shredded 丹麥紫堡車打碎芝士200g Net Weight: 200g 原產地: 德國 注意事項: 含奶及奶類產品 使用方法: 配合多種用法,煮汁、湯、意粉,沙律,烤焗薄餅、烤薯、麵包等,多款味道選擇。 儲存方式: 冷藏於4°C至8°C European Rich Cheddar Cheddar – actually the most famous cheese in the world! Cheddar is a semi-hard cheese made my cow’s milk is a rich and tasty flavour with a nice and long aftertaste. Cheddar cheese has been produced since 1170, and originates from the British village Cheddar, which was known for its caves, where inhabitants stored and matured the cheese. Emborg Shredded Cheddar is perfect for both hot and cold recipes as a grilled sandwich or a chispy nachos with a spicy salsa Origin: Germany Product Warnings: Contains milk and milk products Product Usage: Mozzarella is the most used cheese for pizza and lasagna. Storage Condition: Keep refrigerated at 2°C to 8°C [冷凍貨品]敬請留意所有冷凍貨品只供門市自取,不設送貨

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